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Suit Hire in Galway

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Suit Hire in Galway is having a range of outfits to suit everyone from contemporary fitted suits, classic tails and lightweight suits for summer weddings or weddings abroad. Setting a new standard in dress hire. Formalwear for men is an exciting, Suit hire in Galway is providing unrivalled customer service and personal attention together with our impressive collection of both classical and modern formalwear. Suit Hire in Galway aim to give the best customer service in order to make sure you look perfect on your wedding day.

Our premium quality day and evening wear ranges are sought from Europe and Irish designs. The dress code ‘black tie’ means that male guests are asked to wear a black suit, black shirt and black bow tie. Suit Hire offer a diverse range of contemporary and classic designs ideal for any high-end or high-octane occasion. For your younger black tie guests we offer a range of tux’s with matching shirts.

Suit Hire in Galway

Suit Hire, our formalwear collection, rich in colours, lavish in textures and cutting edge style, provides you with an array of options, guaranteed to produce a stylish ensemble, perfect for your special day.

Our Services

  • Suit Hire for Bridal Party in Galway
  • Hire Suit for Black Tie Party in Galway
  • Black Tie Wedding in Galway
  • Tuxedo Suit Hire in Galway
  • Business suits in Galway
  • Wedding Suits in Galway
  • Marriage formal suit hire in Galway
  • Formal wear suit hire for men in Galway
  • Contemporary fitted suits in Galway
  • Hire Lightweight Suits in Galway
  • Summer Wedding Suit Hire in Galway
  • Graduation Day Hire Suit in Galway.

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