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Car Driving Lessons in Galway

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Car Driving Lessons in Galway

If you are looking for driving lessons in Galway then you have found the right place. Driving Lessons in Galway has professional instructors ready to get you on the road for your driving test. Our instructors committed to making your Driving lessons in Galway as fun as possible while ensuring you are in safe hands.

Driving lessons in Galway, we are the expert Driving lessons providing in the Galway, do you need help with obtaining your Learning permit or Full Drivers licence. We are offering very competitive prices per class – Our service is available in Galway. All our instructors have passed the advanced instructor test.

Car Driving Lessons in Galway

As a learner driver on receipt of your learner permit in Ireland you’ll will need to take Driving lessons in order to take the Irish practical Driving Test. Since April 2011 the Essential driving training (EDT) programme has become a requirement for all new drivers. Driving lessons in Galway, we pride ourselves on providing excellent lessons, with attention to detail for all learners to pass their driving test. The EDT programme consists of 12 mandatory lessons in the essential driver training programme set out by the Irish Government and (RSA) Road Safety Authority. EDT lessons recorded in the log book Lessons Covering all you’ll need to know to safe on the road and pass your driving test in Ireland.  Driving lessons in Galway will adapt to suit your needs weather you need to complete your Driving test fast or at your own pace.

To keep things very simple, lesson one is really about being able to move off and stop safely! If feel that you can stop safely after you have completed your first driving lesson in with your RSA approved driving instructor, then practise moving off and stopping until you are an expert! Your sponsor driver will help you achieve the final outcomes of that EDT lesson.

Car Driving Lessons in Galway

There isn’t much point in moving on to something new if you still need time on the basics. Did you know that you cannot sit a driving test until 6 months from the date of issue of your learner permit? This is to allow you sufficient Driving practice time so that you are able to take a driving test. If you take your Driving lessons to close together then you will end up taking double the lessons than you actually needed.

We recommended that you take one driving lesson in city every two or three weeks or when you are ready. In between each Driving lesson take as many hours driving practise you’re driving instructor. You need to be an expert at the module you’re covering with your approved driving instructor to be able to pass a driving test.

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