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Driving Lessons in Cork

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Driving Lessons in Cork For people looking to start driving for the first time in their life, we are here to aid and assist you. We provide comprehensive driving lessons which cover each and every aspect of driving and are the best option for rookies and newbies.  We provide you with lessons from the most highly qualified and competent instructors with years of experience so that you’re driving skills becomes smooth and flawless in a very short span of time.  We also make sure that these lessons are interactive and have just the right amount of fun with the required amount of safety. We also provide you with logistical support which covers each and every aspect of driving, from obtaining the learning license to getting the full driver’s license. We have a roster of pilots trained with the help of advanced training modules to help you learn as well as offer customer friendly rates to aid to each and every level of the society.

The importance of driving lessons

For each and every learner who has a learning license in Ireland, it is mandatory to undergo a practical real world Driving Test in order to get the final Driving license. For all candidates who want to be qualified and skilled drivers it is mandatory to undergo the program called Essential driving training. In the region of Cork, we provide you with the lessons which help you to easily pass the driving test and we pride ourselves on maintaining a track record as such.

Driving Lessons in Cork

The Irish Government along with the Road Safety Authority of the country have set up the Essential driving training program in a manner that it consists of around 12 lessons which are mandatory for all drivers to go through. We record these EDT lessons in the personal log books of each learner driver and cover all the aspects required in order to have a safe and smooth driving prowess.  We also accommodate you with extensive training when it comes to driving under different weather conditions as well as under different traffic restrictions and regulations so that you’re driving skills are top notch. We start with the basics such as starting the car and stopping the car safely and slowly but steadily we build up our pace to make you into a strong and sturdy driver.

The features of the driving lessons provided by us

We believe that it is essential for you to have a strong foundation on which to build upon in order to have proper driving skill. As a result of which we maintain a gradual speed for building up the skills of our learners. We also provide sufficient driving practice to you in order to ensure that you are able to clear the driving test very easily. We recommend all our learners to have a lesson with a gap of a couple of weeks to ensure that they get the right amount of practice and gain the requisite skills of driving.  Some of the key driving lessons we provide you with are the car driving and motorcycle driving lessons. We also ensure that our learners are able to acquire the learner license and driving license quite easily.

Driving Lessons in Cork


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